Rhepanol HFK (PIB) Flatroof Membrane

High fk quality and hot air weldable.

Rhepanol is the world’s oldest synthetic roofing membrane. It is manufactured by FDT in Germany. FDT is the largest manufacturer or roofing membranes in Germany.

Rhepanol HFK 1

Rhepanol is the world’s premier single ply membrane. This membrane is completely inert, there are no harmful plastizers or toxins in the membrane. This membrane has a longer life expectancy compared to many alternative roof coverings.

The joints in Rhepanol HFK membranes are sealed by hot air welding. This membrane can be installed in 3 x ways bonded, ballasted or mechanically fixed with our unique grip fix system. The roll width of the membrane is now available up to 1,50Meter wide, which makes it significantly wider, leading to quicker instillation time.

Rhepanol HFK has also recently passed all FLL testing for Root Resistance, making it suitable for green roofs, the new Rhepanol HFK is one membrane that covers all systems.

Rhepanol is also available with a coating which we can apply over the membrane, the coating is available in copper / green or silver.

For a free sample please contact our flat roofing experts on +44 203 3688468.

Rhepanol HFK is the only system currently available with a full life cycle Assessment to ISO 14040 part ff providing this product has no significant environmental impacts in all stages from raw materials to production to instillation and ultimately to disposal at the end of use.

Rhepanol HFK can be installed directly over old bituminous roofs, can be mechanically fixed, bonded or ballasted.

The life expectancy of Rhepanol HFK is 75+ Years.

The Advantages of using Rhepanol HFK include the following:

  • Tried and tested long-term reliability, over 75 years experience with polyisobutylene
  • The worlds oldest synthetic membrane, made in Germany
  • Fleece backing with extremely high tensile strength
  • Made from polyisobutylene (PIB) therefore compatible with bitumen
  • Resistant to UV-radiation
  • Flexible to temperatures as low as -40°C
  • Free from Plasticizers
  • Reduced amount of seams due to 1,50m membrane width
  • No need for surface protection
  • Ideal for refurbishment.
  • Ideal for New Build
  • Comprehensive warranty available on materials
  • Rhepanol HFK has also passed all FLL testing for use under a green roof
  • FM Approved.


For more information on QBM Rhepanol HFK, please call us on +44 203 3688468 or email us at info@qbmsingleply.co.uk.

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