FDT Drainage Systems For Flat Roofs

Direct and efficient precipitation water dis­charge is vital for the service life of any water­proof­ing as well as for the building below; preferably without ponding.


During the design phase, architects will already take a fundamental decision: If the roof is suf­fi­cient­ly sloped, prerequisites are given for natu­ral water discharge. Standard external drain­age to bracket-mounted gutters will normally be enough.  Buildings with circumferential parapets, on the other hand, are significantly more challenging. They will require internal drainage as specified in DIN EN 12056-3. The FDT VarioGully modular system comprises everything that is required for a high-quality drainage and emergency drainage system. The FDT VarioGully is now available as an up­graded second product generation rainwater outlet. The innovations include the new material of polypropylene providing outstan­ding impact resistance to both the flat roof rainwater outlet and the accessories. Further­more, compared to the predecessor model the drainage rate has been increased by up to 25 per cent.

Prefabricated flashing collars are com­ple­ment­ing the system, as do FDT emergency overflow sockets and FDT fire protection collars. Along­side the hardware, we also provide soft­ware: FDT supports its clients by offering a design service for a properly dimensioned drai­nage.